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Organizations need an end-to-end web application and database security solution to protect data, customers, and their businesses. The integrated solution from F5 and Oracle provides improved protection against SQL injection attacks and correlated reporting for richer contextual information.  F5 and Oracle have partnered to offer enhanced security for web-based database applications. The integration between F5 BIG-IP® Application Security Manager (ASM) and Oracle Database Firewall provides richer forensic information about SQL injection attacks through correlated reporting.  Running Time: 17:54  Read full white paper here.  And click here for more F5 Audio.   Listen on Posterous ps Technorati Tags: F5, integration, data center, Pete Silva, security, business, education, technology, application delivery, data replication, cloud, oracle, database firewall, web, inte... (more)

Gaming for Clarity Recognizes Intelligence Biases

A recent press report quoted unnamed US intelligence sources saying Russia had no intention of invading the Ukraine. The appraisal became the subject of considerable debate when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his nation's military into Ukraine's Crimea region. Follow-on media reports said strategic assessments had been made by US intelligence and defense authorities that indicated there was a very good chance that Putin would do just that in response to Ukraine's internal uprising that threatened ties with Russia. Whatever the case may be and whatever the actual facts ... (more)

VASCO on Transparent Cloud Security at Cloud Expo New York

The promise of easy, rapid, and low-cost deployment is luring increasing numbers to the cloud. Is security the only remaining obstacle to total domination by the cloud? In his session at 14th Cloud Expo in New York City, John Gunn, VP of Corporate Communications for VASCO Data Security, examined how the evolving threat landscape will present new security challenges for the cloud. Delegates also learned how to use transparent authentication to find the right balance between keeping the promise of user convenience while still maintaining essential security practices. Topics prese... (more)

Burden of Security at 'Dev' in #DevOps By @Parasoft | @DevOpsSummit

Cloud Shifts the Burden of Security to Dev The move to the cloud brings a number of new security challenges, but the application remains your last line of defense. In his session at 15th Cloud Expo, Arthur Hicken, Evangelist at Parasoft, to discuss how developers are extremely well-poised to perform tasks critical for securing the application - provided that certain key obstacles are overcome. Speaker Bio: Arthur Hicken has been involved in automating various practices at Parasoft for almost 20 years. He has worked on projects including database development, the software develo... (more)

New Security Models for the 'Internet of Things' | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

The Internet of Things needs an entirely new security model, or does it? Can we save some old and tested controls for the latest emerging and different technology environments? In his session at Internet of @ThingsExpo, Davi Ottenheimer, EMC Senior Director of Trust, will review hands-on lessons with IoT devices and reveal privacy options and a new risk balance you might not expect. Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Speaker Bio: Davi Ottenheimer, EMC Senior Director of Trust, has more than nineteen years' experience managing global security operations and assessments, including a de... (more)

Full Disk Encryption Is Physical Security By @Vormetric | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

Full Disk Encryption Is Physical Security, Not IT Security What threats are you trying to mitigate with full disk encryption? For a laptop that is moved around from office to home or out on a business trip full disk encryption should be standard. You need to protect that asset in the event of theft or loss of the device. It’s a great physical security. When properly implemented full disk encryption will render any information stored on that device useless. That’s great for a laptop, but what about your data center? ClickToTweet: Full Disk Encryption – Physical Security, Not IT Se... (more)